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ACGEOS is a team of experienced technology developers, digital currency investors and film, animation, games, IP digital rights experts. Focus on the EOS ecosystem, help more ACG assets on the chain, and strive to be the best EOS witness node.

Team Technology

Team technology from IBM, 360, in the network architecture,Distributed system,application development, website development,etcMore than 10 years of experience in this field.For EOS Provide stable and powerful node services.

Operating Resources

ACGEOS has rich experience and promotion resources in Internet venture capital,IP copyright in southeast Asia and young new generation users. These valuable resources will be used to promote EOS ecology.

Project Incubation

Together with the community, ACGEOS develops and invests in the incubation of eos-based ecological DAPP project, and is committed to the research and development and promotion of basic applications to help more ACG assets on the chain.
The rapid development and popularity of blockchain around the world,EOS well solve the balance between decentration and performance,ACGEOS team believes that EOS technology innovation can promotethe exchange of world. We will invest time, technology, resources,to contribute to the popularity and success of EOS,we believe that EOS will change the world.
Liu Qiang
Liu Qiang is the CEO of ACGEOS. the founder of Manluotuo, and the executive director of “Cribug”. He has rich experience in the development and promotion of Internet products, animation, movies, games and ACG copyright. I joined the investment of Encryption currency very early, and he is also an active promoter of EOS.
Sun Kailiang
Sun Kailiang is the CTO of ACGEOS, He graduated from The University of Alabama at Birmingham and is the technical director of Manluotuo. He is a senior engineer with 15 years of experience in IT development. He used to work for LG, IBM and other fortune 500 companies, and he has great passion for blockchain.
Senior full stack development engineer
PonyMa is a senior full-stack development engineer of ACGEOS. He is an engineer with 10 years of experience in Internet development, having worked in 360, an Internet finance company. In the network structure, the website development has the rich research and development experience.









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